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About Us


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Light Works was started by Patti Wooldridge RN, BSN after she researched the professional literature.  Patti realized that she needed   UBI herself as she had acquired Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during nursing school.   Her CFS is now gone after using UBI.

Patti is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. Her interest in holistic healing methods and her natural curiosity enabled her to look beyond ordinary traditional methods used in the healing arts.  As a result Light Works provides a number of services which enable the human body to help heal itself.

Most people do not realize that the human body has the ability to adjust and compensate for the abuse we give it.  You need plenty of sunshine, good sleep at night and fresh toxin free water .  This includes taking the right foods, nutrients, exercise, maintaining cleanliness, and using some good stress management techniques.  With today’s pace most of us do not get enough of any of the above.

Since the body functions with multiple cellular signals such as electrical,  enzymatic and chemical, these signals can become disrupted and disorganized.  Pollutants in the air and water, chemicals in the food and products we use,  plus the onslaught of organisms we are exposed to in our environment—all stress our immune systems.

Light Works provides  a number of services that can help you fire up your immune system again.

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