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 An IV catheter is placed in a vein and blood is drawn through a specially designed line which enables blood to be exposed to ultraviolet light.  The blood is also mixed with oxygen prior to its return, the amount depends on body weight.

UBI-Photoluminescence therapy

You voice is a holographic representation of all of the frequencies for all of the cells in the body.  We use the Sharry Edwards method of Bioaccoustic Profiling to analyze your voice.  Your voice print can point to the frequency status of your body and we can provide sounds to correct disruptions.

Vocal Profiling Voice Stress Assessment

This was invented by a Chinese physician.  It essentially provides a massage with infrared heat from the back of the head to the coccyx and down to the legs and heels.  The rollers made of jade produce the infrared heat and provide a relief giving massage. 


Training is provided to physicians and nurses who wish to learn Photoluminescence Therapy ( UBI) for their practice.

Acupressure Moxibustion Bed

By combining the essential oils of plants we can find for you a simple low cost answer to help your muscles relax and to give your body a boost to your immune system.  Reflexology with essential oils brings relief to stress and tension on the feet.

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Light Works Photo Therapy Inc.

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Clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology

Transfer Factor” for powerfull immune support:

Support for the immune system is what Light Works is all about.  Our approach may be a bit forgotten but it is supported by years of medical research that is cited in the literature across the world.  One must use all that is available to protect and enhance health. That’s why Patti is also an authorized 4Life Distributor.  Use the following link www.transferfactorinstitute.com. To read about 4Life Research’s Transfer Factor products go to www.4Life.com. To order use distributor #5964249 for $5.00 savings per item.